Serving all service members, veterans and their families in need.

About San Diego's Heroes to Hometowns

San Diego’s Heroes to Hometowns is all about finding the right resource at the right time for those severely injured service members, veterans and their family members. Whether they are temporally assigned, passing through, or permanently assigned here.

The war veterans or family members could need something as simple as way to help this wash their pet, because of sustained injuries that make it uncomfortable for them to bend over for any duration. Or maybe something fairly simple as making arrangements for a Welcome Home celebration in their hometown after medical care here in San Diego, and we'll help coordinate resources even before the servicemember returns home.  Or the assitance could be as complex as setting up a temporary home in San Diego - including housing, household goods, temporary appliances, furniture, food, transportation. and even emotional support.

The San Diego Community has already come together in ways and numbers unheard of in the last few decades.  The support for our veterans and their family members is phenomenal. Four veterans and their family members who have received assistance attested to the help they received at the August 1st San Diego Heroes to Hometowns Community event. Their stories made me be proud to be a San Diego resident.

But something nearly as amazing came out of the August 1st Heroes to Hometowns Community Event. The number of organizations that were represented! Scores of organizations have asked for a list of all of the organizations that attended, and nearly every person that asked for the list also commented they had no idea that there were that many resources in San Diego. Coming from people that work full time every week of the year to support others, says a lot by itself. Take a look at our gallery of photos from the event.

Even for those veterans that are not severally injured or from the OEF/OIF war - contact us, we will put you in touch with the right organization to assist you. You may also want to review the resources listed at the San Diego United Veterans Council.

Take a look at Sunny Farrand's blog.


American Legion logoAmerican Legion Letter

The American Legion has partnered with the Department of Defense on an outreach program to severely injured service members called Heroes to Hometowns. The program began in February of 2006 with the objective of rallying and coordinating community support for our returning heroes. Due to his extensive outreach, Mr. Richard "Sunny" Farrand was appointed the Heroes to Hometowns Community Champion in San Diego, CA for The American Legion.

Working with staff and volunteers at Naval Medical Center, San Diego, Mr. Farrand demonstrates a true passion for helping others, and his "never give up" attitude has made San Diego's Heroes to Hometowns program successful in a short time. For example Mr. Farrand:

  • Made a connection in the Chicago area to organize a welcome home celebration
    and assist in creating a positive transition home for an injured Marine, being
    medically separated in San Diego, April, 2007
  • Worked with Military Outreach Ministry San Diego and Operation Homefront
    who donated furniture so injured Marine could move into base housing now rather
    than wait 6 months until they could find furniture.
  • Arranged for 20 families to receive Commissary Gift Certificates and Wal-Mart
    gift cards for the holiday season, all donated by local non-profits.
  • Connected a Marine being medically separated from the hospital with the Patriot
    Guard Riders, a national non-profit. Patriot Guard Riders volunteers met the
    Marine at his new home in North Carolina, and helped him unload his a-haul
    trailer and welcome him home.

I ask that any organization or person looking to assist severely injured service members
to work with Mr. Farrand on the Heroes to Hometowns program.

Scott Sundsvold
Assistant Director of DoD Outreach
The American Legion

Congressman Bob Filner Recognizes
Richard "Sunny" Farrand

American Legion Community Champion, San Diego, CA

Congressman Filner presents Sunny Farrand a certificate
Congressman Filner presents
Richard "Sunny" Farrand a certificate

Congressman Bob Filner, Chairman, House Veterans Affairs Committee, recently presented Richard "Sunny" Farrand, an American Legion volunteer in San Diego, CA with DoD's Heroes to Hometown's Certificate of Recognition.

Working with staff volunteers and non-profits at the Naval Medical Center, San Diego, Mr. Farrand demonstrates a true passion for helping others, and his "never give up" attitude has helped the Heroes to Hometowns/American Legion program in San Diego become successful in a short time.